Munich Instruments and Tetra Semiconductors introduce Cost-Efficient PAM-4 Test&Measurement Solutions

Munich, March 9th, 2018

Munich Instruments GmbH, Munich, Germany and Tetra Semiconductors Ltd., Zurich, Switzerland today announced the availability of a wide portfolio of PAM-4 T&M products, providing high-performance solutions with the cost-effectiveness required in production test environments and the development cycle of low cost PAM-4 products.

Munich Instruments’ extends its product range by the 31 GBaud PAM-4 BERT family. BERTs with electrical and optical PAM-4 output signals are provided for efficient transmitter and receiver testing. A live demo of Munich-Instruments’ new optical PAM-4 BERT will be displayed at OFC 2018 at booth #3239.
Tetra Semiconductors’ chipset includes prototypes of PAM-4 encoders, PAM-4 decoders, NRZ demultiplexers, and NRZ multiplexers, all running either in the 28 Gbaud or the 56 Gbaud range suitable for 50G, 100G, 200G and 400G measurement solutions. The chipset is highly configurable through a common CMOS interface. Configurable parameters include the input CTLE and DFE, output pre- and postcursor amplitudes, as well many CDR loop properties. The interface also provides access to information such as frequency acquisition and locking state of the CDR.

The chips are available as Known-Good-Die, assembled on ceramic carrier, or on a connectorized PCB module.

  • TSC1xENC: encodes two NRZ data streams of 56Gbit/s each into one 56GBaud PAM-4 signal
  • TSC1xDEC: decodes one 56GBaud PAM4 input signal into two NRZ data streams
  • TSC1xMUX: multiplexes two NRZ data streams of 28Gbit/s into one 56Gbit/s NRZ output signal
  • TSC1xDEM: demultiplexes one 56Gbit/s NRZ signal into two 28Gbit/s NRZ output signals
  • TSC1xREP: two-channel NRZ Repeater

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