About us

The current trend toward cloud computing and video streaming in higher resolution (UHD-1,2) is creating a massive demand for ever larger data centers and high capacity Internet data switching facilities. To enable the up-scaling of data centers, a new generation of Ethernet communication interfaces providing higher interface capacity, as well as smaller size, lower cost and lower power dissipation are needed.

Tetra Semiconductors Ltd.’s mission is to serve the vastly growing markets of 100G, 200G and 400G Ethernet modules as an independent, technology-driven supplier of Integrated Circuits (IC‘s) for ultra-high-speed data communication.

Tetra Semi’s world leading design team comprises design excellence based on decades of combined experience. The team members’ profound experience in RF analog and mixed signal SiGe and CMOS chip design as well as client support permits Tetra Semi to serve customers in a very flexible, individual manner, starting from the early design-in stage all the way to mass production.

Thanks to our core values Simplicity, Flexibility and Commitment, you can keep your development time short, module costs low and yields high if partnering with Tetra Semiconductors!

Micrograph of a bonded TSC1DEC
The output eye diagram of the TSC1ENC @52Gbaud
The output eye of the TSC1ENC @28Gbaud